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Condoleezza Rice

Date de naissance: 14. novembre 1954


Condoleezza Rice, née le 14 novembre 1954 à Birmingham , est une femme politique américaine. Elle est secrétaire d'État des États-Unis entre janvier 2005 et janvier 2009 dans l'administration du président George W. Bush.

Professeur de science politique à l'université Stanford, près de San Francisco, elle est conseillère à la Sécurité nationale entre 2001 et 2005 sous le premier mandat de George W. Bush, puis secrétaire d'État en janvier 2005 pour le second mandat présidentiel. Elle est la seconde femme à occuper ce poste et la seconde personnalité politique afro-américaine .

Le 21 janvier 2009, la démocrate Hillary Clinton lui succède à la tête de la diplomatie américaine. En mars 2009, C. Rice abandonne ses mandats politiques et reprend sa carrière universitaire en retournant enseigner la science politique à l'université Stanford.

Spécialiste de la Russie soviétique et polyglotte, elle parle, outre l'anglais, le français, le russe et l'espagnol. Elle est également une pianiste accomplie.

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„[T]hat afternoon, Sergei Lavrov called me for the second time during the crisis. [... ] “We have three demands,” he said.
“What are they?” I asked.
“The first two are that the Georgians sign the no-use-of-force pledge and that their troops return to barracks,” he told me.
“Done,” I answered.

[... ] But then Sergei said, “The other demand is just between us. Misha Saakashvili has to go.” I couldn’t believe my ears and I reacted out of instinct, not analysis.

“Sergei, the secretary of state of the United States does not have a conversation with the Russian foreign minister about overthrowing a democratically elected president,” I said. “The third condition has just become public because I’m going to call everyone I can and tell them that Russia is demanding the overthrow of the Georgian president.”

“I said it was between us,” he repeated.
“No, it’s not between us. Everyone is going to know.” The conversation ended. I called Steve Hadley to tell him about the Russian demand. Then I called the British, the French, and several others. That afternoon the UN Security Council was meeting. I asked our representative to inform the Council as well.

Lavrov was furious, saying that he’d never had a colleague divulge the contents of a diplomatic conversation. I felt I had no choice. If the Georgians wanted to punish Saakashvili for the war, they would have a chance to do it through their own constitutional processes. But the Russians had no right to insist on his removal. The whole thing had an air of the Soviet period, when Moscow had controlled the fate of leaders throughout Eastern Europe. I was certainly not going to be party to a return to those days [688].“

— Condoleezza Rice, No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington

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