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Nigel Farage

Date de naissance: 3. avril 1964


Nigel Paul Farage, né le 3 avril 1964 à Downe , est un homme politique, animateur de radio et analyste politique britannique.

Il est à l'origine de la création du Parti pour l'indépendance du Royaume-Uni , qu'il dirige entre 2006 et 2016. Il est député européen depuis 1999 et coprésident du groupe Europe de la liberté et de la démocratie directe au Parlement européen.

Eurosceptique, il est un fervent partisan de l'organisation d'un référendum sur le maintien du Royaume-Uni dans l'Union européenne, qui aboutit en 2016 à un vote favorable au départ du pays de l'UE. Satisfait par ce résultat, il quitte peu après la tête de l'UKIP et devient animateur de radio.

Citations Nigel Farage

„I am delighted at Des's support in these elections. And thank him for his rewrite of the lyrics of Send in the Clowns which we are planning to sing at our South East conference.“

— Nigel Farage
In response to Des Lynam's recent support and vote on UKIP, during the May 2013 local elections - [ Des Lynam reveals he voted UKIP, 10 May 2013.]


„If this is the face of Scottish nationalism, it's a pretty ugly nation.“

— Nigel Farage
Hitting back at pro-Scottish independence protesters, after an incident at an Edinburgh pub - [ Nigel Farage blasts 'fascist' nationalists after Edinburgh confrontation, 17 May 2013.]

„The EU is mired in deep structural crisis. Greece, Portugal and Ireland cannot survive inside the Euro.“

— Nigel Farage
Segment from an article in the New York Times newspaper, 18 May 2012 - [ Can Europe be saved? Should it?]


„We wouldn't want to be like the Swiss, would we? That would be awful! We'd be rich!“

— Nigel Farage
Quote by Nigel Farage on David Cameron's speech on Britain's relationship with the European Union, 23 January 2013 - [ Ukip's Nigel Farage ridicules David Cameron's EU referendum speech.]

„I do think that the banking system is now in the most perilous state we’ve seen in over 70 years.“

— Nigel Farage
Segments from an article on the UKIP website, 31 May 2012 - [ On the edge of social breakdown]

„The opening of the doors to 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians is going to become a huge issue.“

— Nigel Farage
Stating the populations of the two East European countries - [ Britain to be 'swamped' by millions of immigrants], Daily Star, 24 December 2012.


„Absolutely none. But rather more than the BBC do. We could have had this interview in England a couple of years ago, although I wouldn’t have met with such hatred that I’m getting from your questions, and frankly I’ve had enough of this interview. Goodbye.“

— Nigel Farage
During a phone call on BBC's Good Morning Scotland radio show (regarding the incident in Edinburgh), in which an angry Nigel Farage hung up after stating that the interview was unpleasant and offensive, 17 May 2013 - [ 'Scottish nationalists are fascist scum': Farage rages against pub protesters before hanging up on BBC for 'hate' filled interview.]

„If we are just going to have a fudged referendum on 'do we stay in or go further?' then that's not good enough.“

— Nigel Farage
Segment from a BBC News interview, 2 July 2012 - [ Farage: 'Fudged referendum on EU is no good']

„Well, it's very successful politics, isn't it? You know, we are the turkeys that have voted for Christmas.“

— Nigel Farage
[ Interviewed on the Today programme], BBC Radio 4, 1 March 2017

„The euro Titanic has now hit the iceberg - and there simply aren't enough lifeboats to go round.“

— Nigel Farage
Segment from a speech held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, 13 June 2012 - [ The Genius of Mutual Indebtedness - Nigel Farage]

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