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Bill Shankly

Date de naissance: 2. septembre 1913
Date de décès: 29. septembre 1981


Bill Shankly OBE, né le 2 septembre 1913 à Glenbuck et mort le 29 septembre 1981 à Liverpool, était un footballeur et entraîneur de football écossais. Il a entraîné durant quinze ans le club de Liverpool FC et figure au Scottish Sports Hall of Fame, Scottish Football Hall of Fame et au English Football Hall of Fame depuis leurs créations, respectivement en 2001, 2004 et 2002.

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„Someone said to me 'To you football is a matter of life or death!' and I said 'Listen, it's more important than that'.“

— Bill Shankly
An interview on a Granada Television chat-show, hosted by Shelley Rohde on Wednesday 20th of May 1981

„A football team is like a piano. You need eight men to carry it and three who can play the damn thing.“

— Bill Shankly
Quoted by John Toshack in Kevin McCarra, [,,1691681,00.html "How Benítez built Liverpool,"] The Guardian (2006-01-21)


„At a football club, there's a holy trinity – the players, the manager and the supporters.“

— Bill Shankly
[ "Bill Shankly: Life, death and football"], The Guardian (2009-10-18)

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