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Andrea Dworkin

Date de naissance: 26. septembre 1946
Date de décès: 9. avril 2005


Andrea Dworkin est une essayiste américaine, théoricienne du féminisme radical. Elle est surtout connue pour sa critique de la pornographie, qu'elle rapprochait du viol et autres formes de violence contre les femmes.

Militante anti-guerre et proche de certains milieux anarchistes à la fin des années 1960, Dworkin a écrit plus d'une dizaine de livres sur la théorie et la pratique du féminisme radical. Pendant la fin des années 1970 et les années 1980, elle a gagné une renommée nationale comme porte-parole du mouvement féministe anti-pornographie, et pour ses écrits sur la pornographie et la sexualité, particulièrement Pornography: Men Possessing Women et Intercourse qui restent ses deux ouvrages les plus connus.

Sa personnalité et ses positions très tranchées, principalement sur la sexualité et la pornographie, ont été la cible de critiques, notamment de la part de féministes opposées à ses idées. Elle est aussi admirée et célébrée par de nombreuses autres féministes.

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„I'm going to ask you to remember the prostituted, the homeless, the battered, the raped, the tortured, the murdered, the raped-then-murdered, the murdered-then-raped; and I am going to ask you to remember the photographed, the ones that any or all of the above happened to and it was photographed and now the photographs are for sale in our free countries. I want you to think about those who have been hurt for the fun, the entertainment, the so-called speech of others; those who have been hurt for profit, for the financial benefit of pimps and entrepreneurs. I want you to remember the perpetrator and I am going to ask you to remember the victims: not just tonight but tomorrow and the next day. I want you to find a way to include them -- the perpetrators and the victims -- in what you do, how you think, how you act, what you care about, what your life means to you.

Now, I know, in this room, some of you are the women I have been talking about. I know that. People around you may not. I am going to ask you to use every single thing you can remember about what was done to you -- how it was done, where, by whom, when, and, if you know -- why -- to begin to tear male dominance to pieces, to pull it apart, to vandalize it, to destabilize it, to mess it up, to get in its way, to fuck it up. I have to ask you to resist, not to comply, to destroy the power men have over women, to refuse to accept it, to abhor it and to do whatever is necessary despite its cost to you to change it.“

— Andrea Dworkin


„The accounts of rape, wife beating, forced childbearing, medical butchering, sex-motivated murder, forced prostitution, physical mutilation, sadistic psychological abuse, and other commonplaces of female experi
ence that are excavated from the past or given by contemporary survivors should leave the heart seared, the mind in anguish, the conscience in upheaval. But they do not. No matter how often these stories are told, with whatever clarity or eloquence, bitterness or sorrow, they might as well have been whispered in wind or written in sand: they disappear, as if they were nothing. The tellers and the stories are ignored or ridiculed, threatened back into silence or destroyed, and the experience of female suffering is buried in cultural invisibility and contempt… the very reality of abuse sustained by women, despite its overwhelming pervasiveness and constancy, is negated. It is negated in the transactions of everyday life, and it is negated in the history books, left out, and it is negated by those who claim to care about suffering but are blind to this suffering.

The problem, simply stated, is that one must believe in the existence of the person in order to recognize the authenticity of her suffering. Neither men nor women believe in the existence of women as significant beings. It is impossible to remember as real the suffering of someone who by definition has no legitimate claim to dignity or freedom, someone who is in fact viewed as some thing, an object or an absence. And if a woman, an individual woman multiplied by billions, does not believe in her own discrete existence and therefore cannot credit the authenticity of her own suffering, she is erased, canceled out, and the meaning of her life, whatever it is, whatever it might have been, is lost. This loss cannot be calculated or comprehended. It is vast and awful, and nothing will ever make up for it.“

— Andrea Dworkin, Right Wing Women

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