„A poetess who had died young of cancer had said in one of her poems that for her, on sleepless nights, 'the night offers toads and black dogs and corpses of the drowned.“

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Yasunari Kawabata
écrivain japonais 1899 - 1972

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„A wife who preaches in her gown,
And lectures in her night-dress.“

—  Thomas Hood British writer 1799 - 1845
The Surplice Question; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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„77. When a dog is a-drowning every one offers him drink.“

—  George Herbert Welsh-born English poet, orator and Anglican priest 1593 - 1633

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„Time went by with all the speed of a sleepless night.“

—  Scott Lynch American writer 1978
Chapter 3 “Warm Hospitality” section 3 (p. 124)

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