„Next time I see you, remind me not to talk to you.“

— Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx foto
Groucho Marx
comédien américain faisant partie des Marx Brothers 1890 - 1977

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Charles Manson foto

„Look down at me and you see a fool; look up at me and you see a god; look straight at me and you see yourself.“

— Charles Manson American criminal and musician 1934
As quoted in 101 People You Won't Meet in Heaven: The Twisted Achievements of the Most Brutal and Sadistic Individuals the World Has Ever Known (2007) by Michael Powell, p. 148

Jodi Picoult foto
Tupac Shakur foto
Lauryn Hill foto

„See no one loves you more than me... and no one ever will“

— Lauryn Hill American singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, actress 1975

P.C. Cast foto
Pablo Picasso foto

„If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse... but surely you will see the wildness!“

— Pablo Picasso Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, and stage designer 1881 - 1973

Susan B. Anthony foto
Susan B. Anthony foto
Elizabeth Barrett Browning foto
Rick Riordan foto
LeBron James foto

„Crazy. Karma is a bitch. Gets you every time. It's not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!“

— LeBron James American basketball player 1984
James on Twitter after the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 112–57 to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Frida Kahlo foto