„I found people were telling stories to themselves without knowing it.“

—  V. S. Pritchett, Context: I found people were telling stories to themselves without knowing it. It seemed to me that people were living a sort of small sermon that they believed in, but at the same time it was a fairy tale. Selfish desires, along with one or two highly suspect elevated thoughts. They secretly regard themselves as works of art, valuable in themselves. As quoted in "V.S. Pritchett's Century" (1990) by Martin Amis; later included in Visiting Mrs. Nabokov and Other Excursions (1993) by Martin Amis, p. 272
V. S. Pritchett
écrivain britannique 1900 - 1997

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„I just knew there were stories I wanted to tell.“

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„The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories.“

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