„Yes, well I had all my serious illnesses in late middle age. And now I'm just stuck, I'm afraid.“

—  V. S. Pritchett, As quoted in "V.S. Pritchett's Century" (1990) by Martin Amis; later included in Visiting Mrs. Nabokov and Other Excursions (1993) by Martin Amis, p. 265<!-- Random House, ] -->
V. S. Pritchett
écrivain britannique 1900 - 1997

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Rebecca Stead photo
Laurell K. Hamilton photo
Ayumi Hamasaki photo

„Even in my age now, I'm the same as before
and just as fearful
I only learn how to pretend to be strong“

—  Ayumi Hamasaki Japanese recording artist, lyricist, model, and actress 1978
No Way To Say

Elaine Paige photo
David Bowie photo

„God is an American.
I'm afraid of Americans.
I'm afraid of the world.
I'm afraid I can't help it.
I'm afraid I can't“

—  David Bowie British musician, actor, record producer and arranger 1947 - 2016
I'm Afraid of Americans

Lionel Richie photo
Alfred Jules Ayer photo

„I saw a Divine Being. I'm afraid I'm going to have to revise all my various books and opinions.“

—  Alfred Jules Ayer English philosopher 1910 - 1989
A statement he made soon after recovering from his near-death experience, as reported by Dr. Jeremy George, in "Did atheist philosopher see God when he 'died'?" by William Cash, in National Post (3 March 2001) http://gonsalves.org/favorite/atheist.htm.

Carrie Underwood photo
Meryl Streep photo
David Foster Wallace photo
Kate Bush photo

„I'm reeling in the music,
And I've only had a few…
And I'm afraid by the way we grow old…
My darling…“

—  Kate Bush British recording artist; singer, songwriter, musician and record producer 1958

Warren Zevon photo
Harry Mulisch photo

„I'm afraid love is just a word.“

—  Harry Mulisch Dutch author 1927 - 2010
Interview about the love of his life - magazine Hollands Diep (July/August 2010)

Harry Chapin photo

„The major thing I'm afraid of is being 65 and saying, 'Gee, I wish I had done this and that, and that.' I want to face old age knowing I've tried all I wanted to try.“

—  Harry Chapin American musician 1942 - 1981
"Chapin Takes 'Taxi' Wherever He Can", Rolling Stone http://harrychapin.com/articles/rsprofile.shtml (July 6, 1972)

John Betjeman photo

„But I'm dying now and done for,
What on earth was all the fun for?
I am ill and old and terrified and tight.“

—  John Betjeman English poet, writer and broadcaster 1906 - 1984
"Sun and Fun — Song of a Night-club Proprietress", from A Few Late Chrysanthemums.