„It was difficult to sustain the illusion that education was of value for kids who would not live long enough to use it. They’d never take the standardized tests that they were prepping for.... Free from the constraints of racking up high test scores or getting into colleges, students could learn for learning’s sake—which was how it ought to be. The tick-tock curriculum had dissolved and been replaced by activities improvised from day to day by teachers and parents: hiking in the mountains, doing art projects about the Cloud Ark, talking with psychologists about death, reading favorite books. In one sense Amelia and her colleagues had never been more needed, never had such an opportunity to show their quality.“

—  Neal Stephenson, "The Casting of Lots"
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Neal Stephenson
auteur de romans de science-fiction 1959

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„If the Romans had been obliged to learn Latin, they would never have found time to conquer the world.“

—  Heinrich Heine German poet, journalist, essayist, and literary critic 1797 - 1856
As quoted in The Medical Record No. 674 (6 October 1883); also in And I Quote : The Definitive Collection of Quotes, Sayings, and Jokes for the Contemporary Speechmaker (1992) by Ashton Applewhite, Tripp Evans and Andrew Frothingham, p. 447

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„I've never had to go very far to learn everything I have learned. I just had to care about something & pay attention.“

—  David Allen American productivity consultant and author 1945
19 January 2010 https://twitter.com/gtdguy/status/7933461617

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