„She…cast an eye over the contents of his cart, wondering whether this was totally random stuff…to perfect his Walmart shopper disguise: 5.56-millimeter cartridges, a water purification device, jerky, bug repellent, a camouflage hat. Freeze-dried meals. A roll of black plastic sheeting. Parachute cord. Batteries. A folding bucksaw. Camouflage binoculars.…
It turned out that Sokolov really did want to buy all that stuff. Not because he envisioned any particular use for it. He just believed in stocking up on such things, on general principles, whenever an opportunity presented itself.
He would fit in well here.“

—  Neal Stephenson, Day 20, Northern Idaho
Neal Stephenson photo
Neal Stephenson
auteur de romans de science-fiction 1959

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„I don't want the memory of Ted Gärdestad to be associated with his illness too much; but also how positive he was. He could, of course, do it, regardless of his hearing of the voices. He sometimes said that he would set for the votes to justice; they would answer for stuffs they did against him.“

—  Kenneth Gärdestad Swedish song lyricist, architect and lecturer 1948 - 2018
On the circumstances of Ted Gärdestad's mental illness, as quoted on Kenneth Gärdestad: “Jag vill inte att minnet av Ted förknippas för mycket med hans sjukdom”, Lahti, Gabriella, News55.SE, published on 20 February 2016 (web) http://www.news55.se/artiklar/kenneth-gardestad-jag-vill-inte-att-minnet-av-ted-forknippas-for-mycket-med-hans-sjukdom/

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