„In the mountains a night of rain,
And above the trees a hundred springs.“

—  Wang Wei, As quoted in Lin Yutang's My Country and My People (1936), p. 247
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Wang Wei
poète, musicien, peintre et homme d'État de la dynastie Tang 699 - 759

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„Good rain is coming to our delight.
Its early-spring timing is perfectly right.
With wind it drifts in all through the night.
Silently it's drenching everything in sight.“

—  Du Fu Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty 712 - 770
"Welcome Rain in a Spring Night" (《春夜喜雨》), as translated by Ying Sun http://www.musicated.com/syh/tangpoems.htm (2008)

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„In Spring all trees become pregnant“

—  Vitruvius Roman writer, architect and engineer -80 - -15 avant J.-C.
Context: In Spring all trees become pregnant, and they are all employing their natural vigor in the production of leaves and of the fruits that return every year. The requirements of that season render them empty and swollen, and so they are weak and feeble because of their looseness of texture. This is also the case with women who have conceived. Their bodies are not considered perfectly healthy until the child is born. Chapter IX "Timber" Sec. 1

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„I want to do with you what spring does with cherry trees.“

—  Pablo Neruda, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair
"Every Day You Play" (Juegas Todos las Días), XIV, p. 35.

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