„I set out by challenging conventional wisdom. They said the turntable didn't matter; I said it was critical. They said the speaker was the most important thing; I said it was the last thing to worry about. So I started off in conflict in an industry where few people understood the mechanical things and the recording aspects of the business.“

—  Ivor Tiefenbrun, Interview with David Lander http://www.stereophile.com/interviews/1101ivor. Stereophile, 30 November 2003.
Ivor Tiefenbrun photo
Ivor Tiefenbrun17
Scottish businessman 1946

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„I think you’ve got to have your feet planted firmly on the ground, especially in this business, and you must not believe things that are said or written about you, because everything gets out of proportion one way or the other.“

—  Judi Dench English film, stage and television actress 1934
Judi Dench – Grand Dame of Cinema http://www.comingsoon.net/extras/news/12246-judi-dench-grand-dame-of-cinema (December 6, 2005)

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