„When you are growing up there are two institutional places that affect you most powerfully: the church, which belongs to God, and the public library, which belongs to you.“

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Keith Richards
cofondateur avec Mick Jagger, Brian Jones et Ian Stewart, d… 1943

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„We must reinstate Jesus in the rightful place which belongs to Him in the church; or the church will soon be driven into the wilderness.“

—  Thomas March Clark American bishop 1812 - 1903
Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 145.

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„For the love of God, for the love of your children and of the civilization to which you belong, cease this madness.“

—  George F. Kennan American advisor, diplomat, political scientist and historian 1904 - 2005
Context: For the love of God, for the love of your children and of the civilization to which you belong, cease this madness. You are mortal men. You are capable of error. You have no right to hold in your hands — there is no one wise enough and strong enough to hold in his hands — destructive power sufficient to put an end to civilized life on a great portion of our planet. As quoted in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Vol. 37 (1981); also in Boston Globe obituary of George F. Kennan by Mark Feeney (18 March 2005) D23. http://www.boston.com/news/globe/obituaries/articles/2005/03/18/george_kennan_dies_at_101_devised_cold_war_policy Cited in James Carroll, House of War, Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., (2006), chapter 7, note 140, p. 581.

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„Don't give up.
You know it's never been easy.
Don't give up.
'Cause I believe there's a place,
There's a place where we belong.“

—  Peter Gabriel English singer-songwriter, record producer and humanitarian 1950
Don't Give Up

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„I belong where you belong“

—  Susan Mallery, Only Mine

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„One of the most subversive institutions in the United States is the public library..“

—  Bell Hooks, Rock My Soul: Black People and Self-Esteem

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